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Amitha kotiyan Amitha kotiyan Kavya kotiyan Kavya kotiyan Asha moras Asha moras Asha moras Vindhya Vindhya Swathi Swathi acharya Chaitra Chaitra Rashmitha - Jayalatha Jayalatha Jayalatha Reema . Navya Navya Veekshitha Veekshitha Veekshitha Veekshitha Veekshitha Mallika matti Subha Mallika matti ,, ,,, Raksha Vinutha Vinutha Varsha Varsha Roopa Asha Raj .. .... Pooja Pooja Pooja Krithika Krithi Krithi Bhavya , Varsha Reshma Reshma Yashu Swathi Ramya gowda .. Shetty Shetty Deeksha poojary Deeksha poojary Anusha kandiga Carol Hema Yashaswini rai Janya rai Bhavya Rakshitha Rakshitha Deepika Babitha Anusha jain Anusha jain Anusha jain Ashwija Ashwija Ashwija Nisarga Nisarga Nisarga Shridevi bhat Shridevi bhat Akshatha Akshatha Akshatha Akshatha Pooja kulal Pooja Janya rai Janya rai Yashaswini rai Yashaswini rai Yashaswini rai Shruthi shetty Shruthi shetty Shruthi shetty Shruthi shetty Ashwini Ashwini Ashwini Ashwini Prajna raj Prajna raj Prajna raj Prajna raj Shilpa Shilpa ki Shilpa Roopa Roopa Shruthi perne Shruthi perne Shruthi perne Surekha Jayashree Jayashree Jayashree Swathi Swathi Swathi Sushmitha Divya Divya Rashmi Rashmi Rasmi Chaithra ramalkatte Chaithra ramalkatte Charitha ramalkatta Chaithra ramalkatte Rakshitha poojary Vijetha shetty Vijetha shetty Divya kamaje Rashmitha Rashmitha Rashmitha Shravya Shravya and shraddha Shravya Shravya Reshma Reshma ....... ....... ....... .... Krithi Sahana Sahana Pavithra Ashwitha Ashwitha Pavithra ... Thriveni Thriveni Thanuja Thanuja Thanuja Thanuja Sandhya bc road Krithi Krithi Krithi ... .... .... .. .... Bhargavi Bhargavi Prathiksha Bhargavi Reema Deepa Deepa Deepa Sandhya Deepa Navya Navya Akshitha ....... .... Thrupthi Shravya Shravya Shravya Navya Pooja Pooja Harshitha Navya Navya Navya Akshitha Aksha Aksha Aksha Pragathi poonja Pragathi poonja Pragathi poonja Pragathi poonja Pragathi poonja Ramya Yogini ....... Anushree Anushree Chaithra Varuna Varuna Charitha Raksha holla Raksha holla Raksha holla Ramya Ramya Ramya Charitha Charitha Charitha Charitha Swathi Yogini Yogini Shruthi Swathi ,Shruthi Swathi ,,, ,,, Varsha Divya Divya Bhagya Shwetha Harshitha Harshitha Shipa Shilpa Rakshitha Rakshitha Rakshitha ....... ....... Shruthi ....... ,.... Braid Shwetha Neema Kala Shraddha Chaithra Pooja Dhanalakshmi ReshmA Chethana Akshatha Shruthi Sriraksha Harshitha Navya Asha - - Varsha

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