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Hair Cutting & Styles

From prom to weddings, there are many life events that require a fancy hairstyle.Hair styling is important, its often secondary, because even the mess ... read more.

Hair Cutting & Styles

From prom to weddings, there are many life events that require a fancy hairstyle.
Hair styling is important, its often secondary, because even the messiest hairstyles need a proper base- a quality cut that has its shape and texture. All you need to do it keep your scalp clean, eat healthy and protect your hair from the sun, and you can have shiny, glossy hair for every occasion.
Todays hairstyles for special occasions are no longer restricted to polished, Hair styles, just like anything in fashion, are constantly evolving and changing. Our Beauty parlour professionals handles steaming,hair smoothing,hair straightening, trandy hair cut, hair conditioning, perming, hair extensions, hair styling.bridal hair decoration with fresh flowers.

Hair cutting and styling for girls encompass a wide range of options, from short to long hair, classic to trendy, and everything in between. Here are some popular haircuts and styles for girls to consider:

  1. Bob Cut:

    • Classic Bob: A timeless chin-length cut thats versatile and suits various face shapes.
    • Long Bob (Lob): A longer version of the bob, typically ending around the shoulders.
    • Inverted Bob: Shorter at the back and longer in the front, creating a stylish angle.
  2. Pixie Cut:

    • Short Pixie: A daring and low-maintenance option with short sides and back.
    • Long Pixie: Slightly longer on top while still maintaining the pixies edgy look.
  3. Layered Haircuts:

    • Face-Framing Layers: Soft layers that frame the face, adding movement and dimension.
    • Shaggy Layers: A messy, textured look thats playful and trendy.
  4. Bangs:

    • Side-Swept Bangs: A classic choice that adds a touch of elegance to any haircut.
    • Blunt Bangs: Straight-across bangs that make a bold statement.
    • Curtain Bangs: Center-parted bangs that frame the face on either side.
  5. Long Hair Styles:

    • Beachy Waves: Effortless, tousled waves that give a relaxed vibe.
    • Straight and Sleek: Smooth, straight hair that looks polished and chic.
    • Braids: Various braiding styles, such as fishtail, French, or Dutch braids, for an intricate look.
    • Ponytail: High or low ponytails can be both practical and stylish.
  6. Specialty Styles:

    • Updos: Elegant styles for formal events, like buns, chignons, and twists.
    • Half-Up, Half-Down: A combination of up and down styling, providing the best of both worlds.
    • Space Buns: Two buns on the top of the head, often seen as a playful and youthful choice.
  7. Color and Highlights:

    • Balayage: Hand-painted highlights for a natural and sun-kissed effect.
    • Ombre: Gradual color transition from roots to ends.
    • Pastel Hues: Soft, muted colors like lavender, pink, or mint for a whimsical look.
    • Bold Colors: Vibrant shades like blue, purple, or red for a striking appearance.

Remember, the most important factor in choosing a haircut or style is considering your face shape, hair texture, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Its always a good idea to consult with a professional hairstylist who can help you find the perfect haircut and style that suits you best.

Absolutely, bridal hairstyles are a significant part of a brides overall look on her special day. Here are some popular bridal hair cutting and styling options for brides:

  1. Classic Updos:

    • Elegant Bun: A timeless choice that can be styled into a sleek, high bun or a softer, low bun.
    • Chignon: A sophisticated low bun often adorned with accessories like pins or flowers.
    • French Twist: A twist of hair that creates an elegant and polished updo.
  2. Half-Up Half-Down Styles:

    • Curled Half-Updo: Half of the hair is pulled up and secured, while the rest is left down in cascading curls or waves.
    • Braided Half-Updo: Incorporate braids into the half-up style for a romantic and bohemian look.
  3. Braided Styles:

    • Crown Braid: A braid that wraps around the crown of the head, creating a beautiful halo effect.
    • Waterfall Braid: A flowing braid that cascades down the back or side of the head.
  4. Loose Waves and Curls:

    • Soft Waves: Effortless waves that exude a natural and romantic vibe.
    • Loose Curls: A glamorous option that adds texture and movement to the hair.
  5. Vintage-Inspired Styles:

    • Retro Waves: Old Hollywood-inspired waves that are glamorous and sophisticated.
    • Victory Rolls: Vintage rolls and twists that evoke a nostalgic feel.
  6. Boho-Chic Styles:

    • Messy Updo: A relaxed and tousled updo with loose strands and a carefree vibe.
    • Flower Crown: Adorn any hairstyle with a floral crown for a whimsical and bohemian touch.
  7. Sleek and Modern Styles:

    • Straight and Polished: Straight hair styled with a sleek finish for a modern and chic look.
    • Geometric Updo: Create unique shapes and twists for a contemporary and artistic style.
  8. Accessories and Embellishments:

    • Hair Accessories: Enhance your hairstyle with decorative pins, combs, tiaras, or hair vines.
    • Veil Integration: Coordinate your hairstyle with your chosen veil placement and style.

Remember, your bridal hairstyle should align with your personal style and the overall theme of your wedding. Its important to work closely with a skilled hairstylist who can create the perfect look based on your hair type, length, and preferences. Consider scheduling a trial session before the wedding day to ensure that you are satisfied with the chosen hairstyle and to make any necessary adjustments.

Here are some stylish hairdo options for various types of functions:

  1. Formal Events:

    • Classic Chignon: A sophisticated low bun that exudes elegance and grace.
    • French Twist: A polished twist of hair that adds a touch of glamour.
    • Sleek Ponytail: A high or mid-level ponytail thats straight and sleek for a modern look.
    • Vintage Waves: Old Hollywood-inspired waves that bring a touch of retro chic to your style.
    • Side-Swept Curls: Elegant curls swept to one side for a romantic and formal appearance.
  2. Semi-Formal Gatherings:

    • Half-Up Half-Down Twist: Combine a half-up style with twists or braids for a playful yet polished look.
    • Messy Bun: A relaxed, textured bun that strikes the balance between casual and put-together.
    • Side Ponytail: A low side ponytail with curls or waves for a stylish asymmetrical effect.
  3. Casual Functions:

    • Boho Braids: Incorporate braids into a loose, textured hairstyle for a laid-back and trendy vibe.
    • Messy Top Knot: A high, undone bun thats effortless and chic.
    • Wavy Bob: Create soft waves for a relaxed and versatile look.
    • Accessorized Styles: Enhance any hairstyle with hairpins, clips, headbands, or other decorative accessories.
  4. Outdoor Events:

    • Fishtail Crown Braid: A braided crown that adds a touch of romance to your outdoor ensemble.
    • Twisted Bun: A bun created with twists for a unique and textured appearance.
    • Loose Side Braid: A casual, off-center braid for an effortlessly charming look.
  5. Cocktail Parties:

    • Slicked-Back Hair: A polished, sleek look with hair slicked back for a modern and sophisticated style.
    • Curled Updo: A combination of curls and an updo for a glamorous and refined appearance.
    • Pinned Curls: Pin sections of hair into loose curls for a chic and glamorous effect.
  6. Theme Parties or Costume Events:

    • Retro Pin Curls: Create pin curls for a vintage-inspired, glamorous hairstyle.
    • Crown of Flowers: Incorporate flowers or foliage into your hair for a whimsical and thematic look.
    • Creative Updo: Experiment with unique twists, braids, and arrangements to match the theme of the event.

Remember to consider your personal style, outfit, and the nature of the function when choosing a hairstyle.


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