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Waxing is a quick and easy method of removing unwanted hair from any area on the body. There are two types of waxing, warm and hot.

Warm wax is naturally derived honey wax and comes in a honey or cream consistency. It is heated to the required temperature in a thermostatically controlled heater. The skin is cleansed, dried, and dusted lightly with talcum powder. The wax is then applied with a disposable wooden spatula, or rolled on using a specifically designed roller, in the direction of the hair growth. A linen or paper strip is then placed over the waxed area and pressure is applied to ensure the wax and hairs stick to the strip. The strip is removed quickly, pulling it against the direction of the hair growth. In order to minimise discomfort, the skin is stretched away from the direction of pull.

Hot waxing uses wax heated to a higher temperature than warm wax. The skin is prepared as in warm waxing and the wax is applied with a spatula, against the hair growth in circular motion. The wax then cools and hardens and pressure is applied to it with the therapist’s hand to ensure all the hairs are stuck to it. The end of the piece of dried wax is flicked up and it is removed quickly against the direction of hair growth. Once again the skin is stretched away from the direction of pull. Waxing is recommended every 4 – 6 weeks to allow the majority of hairs to come through and for them to be of sufficient length to be able to be waxed.

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